Social Media Management (SMM) Los Angeles


From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter to Pinterest (and many more) we understand how each social media channel can benefit your business and the limitations of each. We specialize in making them all work together under one integrated social media strategy.

Social media should be the social extension of your brand, your brands social voice and personality. We work with you to define your brand's tone of voice and personality and bring this to life on social media. Social media is all about conversations – driving conversations with your fans and followers and between one another. We know how to spark these conversations and keep them going. Here is a list of our services:

Social Media Services

  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Content
  • Photography and Videography
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Scheduled Posting
  • Trend Discovery
  • Caption Copywriting
  • Community Management
  • Hashtag Research
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Paid Ad Strategy and Management

Social Media Page Management

We can manage all your social media pages including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and LInkedIn with ease using our team of social media managers who have years of experience in social media community management.

The following Facebook Management and Advertising descriptions provides you examples of how we work with our client's Social Media accounts.

Facebook Page Management

Facebook Pages are a central part in any modern day marketing strategy. Social media marketing can not be overlooked, whether you are a big brand or a small business, Facebook evens out the playing field and enables both to engage new audiences in a fun, exciting new way.

Consider your Facebook Page both the face and the voice of your brand or business. You need to ensure your Page's look is in line with your branding and that you are engaging your fans with the tone of voice that best emulates your brand and resonates with fans. Moreover, you need to consider if you're getting the most out of your Facebook business page.

We custom design Facebook Pages with tabs designed to welcome visitors, encourage them to like your page and drive them into action. We design welcome tabs, email sign up tabs, competition tabs and promotion tabs.

Facebook Advertising

Advertising on Facebook requires more than just putting together some ads and keeping your fingers crossed that they'll work. You need a clear Facebook advertising strategy that outlines who your target audience is, what their interests are and what best resonates with them.

Optimizing your Facebook advertising campaign is all about being organized and daily monitoring. We specialize in segmenting your ad campaign to improve your conversions and identifying which ads are the most successful with your audience.

We create ads with a strong focus on ROI and minimizing your bid. We monitor the performance of all ads and adjust ad creative and targeting based on what we learn.

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