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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then your branding and marketing materials speak volumes about you and your company. And as a first impression is often a lasting one, the choices made in designing these materials will not only define your company, they're what people will most often remember.

In an age of "instant" communication five seconds is usually all you've got to catch the eye of the beholder and convince that individual to invest the time necessary to learn more about you.

Therefore, before a website, a newsletter, a blog, a logo, a poster, a brochure, a book cover or a marketing campaign is designed, we like to get to know you, your company, your products and services, your clients and your competition because, if we don't, time will not be on your side.



Why does your website need video? Because video has become our common means of communication – we know it, we're conditioned to it, and we live in an age of visual communication.

In addition, countless studies have shown that video on a site's landing page captures the attention of a visitor far more effectively than a static landing page and substantially increases conversion rate.

Not to mention, a 60-second video can quickly describe what you do, or who you are, or what products or services you provide far more succinctly and effectively than a thousand words. And, if you're a professional, it immediately introduces a potential client to you as a person.

Video is the communication currency of the 21st Century and should be an essential ingredient of any website and Internet marketing campaign.



Your website and marketing materials may be brilliantly designed but if they're lacking in one essential ingredient – eye-catching photography – the result may be less than stellar.

In the world of the iPhone and the instant camera, anyone can take a picture, but it doesn't mean that anyone's pictures are the best at communicating who anyone is or what anyone does. A picture that's actually worth a thousand words is usually the product of a professional photographer.

In addition, the demands of print and the demands of the Web are very different, not only in terms of a photograph's file size (large, 240-300ppi for print and small, 72 ppi, for the Web) but in the use of composition, color and light. We suggest that before anyone spends a dime on designing anything, they make sure they have the photographs or the photographer that will truly communicate their vision.



While the design is always the first impression, the "words" are what clearly defines the who, what, where, when and why of brand's existence. Together, they convey your story and when equally matched, your story will not only engage but will inspire confidence and action.

Whether it's digital or print, a full scale marketing campaign, website, blog, brochure, or newsletter, we can either write it from scratch or edit your copy to make sure it conveys your company's brand AND tells your story.



  • I hired Bolen to design my website when I first met him and saw his work. He is extremely knowledgeable and listens to his clients – what they want and what they want to say. He is imaginative, creative, patient and caring. He designs a custom website that reflects the personality of his client. In short – Hire Bolen High to capture you and your business.
    Natalie Sofer
    Natalie Sofer Weddings & Events
  • Working with Bolen on my website was so pleasurable because he really took the time to get to know who I am and what I offer, and he came up with a site that reflects that, while still sharing his feedback on what "works". It is refreshing to do business with someone who is personable and interested in who the client is. He really cares about his work, and that passion shows
    Tony Davis.
    Couples Therapy Los Angeles
  • When I met Bolen High I knew I had found my webdesigner. After years of false starts and disappointments, finally, here was the expert who knew what I needed and wanted in my website. Working with Bolen was (and continues to be) the perfect match for me. He is like a doting "godfather" to each project because he wants the best for his clients. I cannot recommend him High-ly enough. Get it? Got it? Good!
    Anne Block
    Take My Mother Please
  • Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! Bolen has redone my website, optimized my social networking and used his SEO skills to get my website on the 1st page of Google in multiple categories. He also produces my newsletters and blogs for me. I wouldn't be where I am with out his knowledge and keen eye. He is the best.
    Eva Knoppel
    Garden of Eva Landscape Design Group
  • Bolen comes at web design from a very different perspective than most designers. His first job is to gain a core understanding of his client's business and the purpose of their website. His services cover every aspect of the development process and he provides a professional opinion that requires a deep understanding of the "who, what, where, when and why" of his client's business.
    Ryan Hutchins
    Director & Cinematographer
  • My firm retained High Arte to assist us with a new branding campaign, including a new logo, letterhead, business cards and the like. Throughout the process, Bolen High listen to my ideas and concerns and was very responsive. He presented me with different ideas and options and help me hone in on what best communicated our branding message. We are very pleased with the final product and have received many positive comments.
    Jeffrey Erdman, Esq.
    Law Firm of Bennett & Erdman

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